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Samsung Galaxy X: the brand's first foldable phone | TechRadar

We've gone through all the flexible Samsung smartphone leaks, from the first reports of a folding phone back in 2011 to the most recent reports naming the Samsung Galaxy X, Galaxy Flex and Galaxy ...
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Samsung foldable phone - all the rumors in one place

Samsung's folding phone, potentially called the Galaxy F, is expected to launch early this year — find out everything we've heard the specs, price, and release date rumors here.

Samsung Foldable Phone: News, Rumors, Specs, and More ...

2019-01-03 · Once thought to to be the Galaxy X or the Galaxy F, Samsung’s folding phone has been referred to by a dozen different names. However, as we get closer to its expected launch, we’re learning ...
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Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone - Stuff

Samsung hasn't said anything just yet, which makes sense given that the phone is likely still months away. Most likely, however, it'll feature a flagship processor. Most likely, however, it'll feature a …

Samsung foldable phone: Infinity Flex display specs ...

Samsung didn't give away much about its folding phone during the initial reveal at its developer conference and presented it under the cover of darkness to hide its design.

A foldable Samsung Galaxy phone? Here's why you may want ...

Samsung's foldable phone for 2018 is pretty much a done deal -- the head of Samsung mobile said so-- but will you really want one? That will depend, for one thing, on what we mean by "foldable."

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